Johnny Pereira Bijos

I love art since very young, watching cartoons and imagining how they were done was my hobby.
One day the drawings began and I couldn't stop trying to recreate those cartoons.
But it wasn't until middle school in Florida, USA, that I met with the animation world.
I began learning how it worked and who worked in that field.
In High school I made my first official animation and learned group work.
Back in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I went to University and graduated in

Graphic Design and Digital Animation.
Made my first 3D animated short - Rabelo -
In 2013 got my first job as a photoshop editor.
In 2016 I had the pleasure of working as a Illustrator / Junior Graphic Designer at

Cerimônias Cariocas 2016 for the Olympic and Paralympic Ceremonies.
Now with this cultural baggage I can work with a big range of art styles and artists.
I currently am a freelance artist that works with illustration, graphic design and digital manipulation.
Seek to one day work with animation and comic books.

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